6 Women Share How They Manifested Love

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I wished upon the stars, the branches, the lights, the bright full moon and asked for Boo. Four months later, we met and were in a full blown relationship.


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I often tell the story of how I manifested love with Boo. I was back in NYC from Los Angeles, where I lived at the time, and roamed the streets of the city that never sleeps. Reacquainting myself with home, I took the subway to Times Square, Chelsea and wherever else it could take me (pretty much everywhere), when I ended up at Columbus Circle. This was December. And if you’ve never visited Columbus Circle during the holidays, you must. Lit up trees line the street and the shops celebrate the holiday spirit with shiny, spirited and brilliant window displays. That’s where I manifested love with Boo – right in front of The Shops at Columbus Circle.

I stood in front of a sparkly tree and looked up at the night sky. It was a night of a full moon: December 17, 2013. They say that during a full moon you should create a list of hopes and wishes in first person and present tense, as if you’ve already achieved that intention, and read it out loud at the full moon. And that’s exactly what I did. I wished upon the stars, the branches, the lights, the bright full moon and asked for Boo.

Four months later, we met and were in a full blown relationship.

Other women have manifested love in various ways. From magical, just like my story, to practical and spiritual, here are five stories from women about how they manifested love.

Dave and I have gone from having an ok relationship to having a great one. We still argue but the difference is feeling like a team, and expressing how we want our relationship to be. So, I may be annoyed or he may be annoyed, we discuss, and agree to disagree if need be, because ultimately what really matters is to be partners in a loving relationship. To face all the shit life throws at us as a team. And to have good sex. We’ve never been happier. – Perla Mondriguez, Mompreneur, NJ

I finally took treating my depression seriously. Once I got the help I needed, I was ready to own up to my half of a healthy relationship. Started dating my (now) fiance a couple weeks later. – Jessica Harris, Educator, NYC

Well…..I summoned genuine happiness and real life experiences. I was stuck in a high-school sweetheart relationship for years where I stopped having fun. In every aspect of the word. I was no longer invigorated by that partnership or the life we were sharing. When I decided to leave this relationship for good, I prayed to the Heavens to grant me experiences and new life. I met a boy from Miami that knew how to have a good time, I mean A GOOD TIME and get to work in the morning. We traveled, partied, stood up late to talk about wild life goals and he helped me get clear on my business goals. It has been no walk in the park but his love breathed the life into my spirit, that’s what I had asked for. We have a puppy and passport stamps now. – Cristina Pimentel, The Fuschia Files, Lawrence, MA

When I learned how to truly love me for me I manifested my soul mate. 7 years strong! – Sandra Milena Crespo, Mompreneur, Orlando, FL

My submission to God found my future husband for me. – Toni Syncon, ColorComm Executive Director, Washington DC

Ah, yes, God. You must believe to manifest love. You must have faith and truly feel it in your soul. That’s where you start. And when you do, you will find yourself under a tree, at church or at a bar having drinks, and meet your love.

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